Multi-Cuisine Delicacies

In an age of choice, we not only aim at offering you regular dishes, but also to keep adding more variety to our menu which currently comprises tasty delicacies from North India, South India, China and so on. We also offer a specially handpicked menu for our select guests at Tulsi & Trsna, and aim to introduce new food trends into Thane soon.

Hygienic Veg. & Non Veg. Kitchens

Few restaurants offer totally separate Veg & Non-Veg kitchens and even fewer can boast of over 800sq ft of floor space dedicated to each section separately at two floors to an assembly of World-class Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment & with a Food-grade Flooring & Wall-tiling. Our skilled kitchen team adheres to GMPs and FSSAI standards.

Experience & Attitude

Ranging from the owners, the Upper Executive Committee right down to the cleaners, ‘quality of job experience’ is a must, but we have masterfully paired experienced management & staff with the right hospitality attitude, so that your needs are always attended to right away!

Our Facilities